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Tyler Cates Post 281
Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

Emergency Help with Night Watch for our Flag Event tonight and tomorrow night


I need your help tonight (May 23rd) and tomorrow (May 24th) to stand Night Watch supervising our JROTC Cadets at the Field of Flags.  The only requirement is to be there to oversee them and not let anything get out of hand.

We had some Baseball folks who were supposed to help do this for us and had promised Coach Dave Smith that they would be there.  Well, I just found out a little while ago that Joe Villa who had the last day watch yesterday and today wound up staying all night long.  UNSAT!

Coach Smith has come down with Shingles and is currently holding down a watch tonight.   He should not be around the JROTC Cadets.  We need to step up.

I request that 3 of you to step up and stand a watch.

02:00 tonight to 08:00 am

Tomorrow night

8:00pm – 02:00am 

02:00 am – 08:00 am

If more of you will step up, we can break up the shifts to a much more reasonable period of time.  

Sorry for the lateness of this, and I can only hope some of you will help out.


Respectfully and Semper Fidelis,

Max Wix

Commander, Tyler Cates American Legion Post 281

Tyler Cates - American Legion Post 281