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  • Post CommanderTerry Ward – Contact  Terry
    • The Commander ensures the Post’s vision of success is completed and keeps the Post family together in the process. The Post Commander traditionally serves as the President of the Board of Directors which is considered to be the Executive Committee within our Post. The Post Commander is also the voice of the Post, within the Post and at meetings beyond the Post. Post Commanders also work with and through other leaders to complete Post business, as they cultivate and guide members for future leadership roles.
  • 1st Vice CommanderMike Faroro Contact  Mike
    • The First Vice-Commander fulfills the duties of the Post Commander in their absence. The first vice-commander is primarily concerned with membership. In too many posts, the First Vice-Commander serves as a Membership Committee of one. A Post, even a small Post, should have Recruitment, Renewal and Reconnect Committees to help with recruitment, transferring members from Department administrative posts, member renewals, member retention, and with ensuring the Post routinely has personal (by phone or in person) contact with every member of the Post. A Membership Committee of three (or more) is far more effective than a committee of just one.
  • 2nd Vice Commander Bob Snuck Contact    Bob
    • In our Post, the Second Vice-Commander is the designated liaison to other veteran organizations, coordinates new member orientation, and oversees Post morale, to include entertainment and ceremonial programs, and other duties as directed by the Post.
  • AdjutantShawn Taylor Contact  Shawn
    • Adjutants are responsible for keeping official records of our Post business, minutes of meetings, processing membership, and coordinating with the Post’s various committees. Seen as a continuity officer, the veteran serving in this position is critical in the long-term success of our post. Along with the Post Commander, the success of the Post solely rests on the shoulders of Adjutants in fulfilling their roles.
  • Finance OfficerStephen IIes
    •  The Post Finance Officer’s work is defined and determined by standard accounting practices and the needs of the Post. The Finance Officer is the person of integrity that helps develop a Post budget and administers the Post book of accounts and records of receipts and expenditures. Finance Officers also advise Post leaders on the formulating and administering of financial policies, including the annual Post budget, and provides counsel to and manages the Budget Committee by providing oversight and input of same and guidelines for the budget preparation, and prepares a monthly Report of the Financial Status of Post 281.
  • Service OfficerPatti Whitmore  
    • Our Post Service Officer educates the Post on veterans changes and updates regarding their benefits and assists in gathering information from and to the Wilson County Veterans Service Officer (VSO) and the Department of Veterans Affairs. The PSO is to be a liaison with the Tennessee Valley Healthcare System at Nashville and Murfreesboro and keep themselves informed on matters supporting veterans in obtaining medical care and assist veterans in filing for service-related disabilities. They are to become familiar with the VA website and and initiate measures to receive information from those sources and pass it on to our membership.
  • SGT-At-ArmsDon Barnes 
    • Sergeant-at-Arms preserves order at all meetings, ensures members are properly greeted at the door and “sign in” to each meeting, and welcomes new members and guests. They are responsible for following protocols and overseeing flag etiquette and disposal, setting up of the POW/MIA table and retrieval of same when the meeting is concluded, and providing food and refreshments at meetings.
  • ChaplainDavid Hale 
  • Assistant ChaplainChaz Spampinato Contact  Chaz

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