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May 2021 Newsletter


Fellow Legionnaires, family and friends:

We sincerely hope that this newsletter finds you and your families all doing well. We hope most, if not all of you, will have received the COVID-19 Vaccinations. We have sent numerous notifications on where you may get the vaccinations. This includes both VA TVHS campuses in Murfreesboro and Nashville and local medical facilities within Middle Tennessee.

We continue with our Post’s “Buddy Check” of all of our members. This program ensures all members are doing well and is not in need of our assistance. I am still seeking to develop a Phone Call Team to assist in this effort. This may include members who currently can’t leave their residences. These “Buddy Checks” are required to be done twice a year. So, expect phone calls, emails and letters asking to see how you are doing and requesting that you re-validate your contact information. You will need your membership number and password previously used to revalidate your address, phone and email information and renew at

We have 230 (96%) renewals of a 239 TN Dept Goal. Some members’ data remains invalid, including phone numbers disconnected or changed, leaving us to wonder as to the member’s status. Please check your membership card to make sure it is current…

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Tyler Cates - American Legion Post 281