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Post 281 Christmas Banquet, TONIGHT

I hope this message finds everyone well into the Christmas spirit and season with every present bought, wrapped, and placed lovingly under the tree, exactly where your wife wants it to be. 

American Legion Post 281 Annual Christmas Banquet, 
Rutland Place, 435 NW Rutland Rd, Mt. Juliet, TN 
12 DEC 2023

Sequence of events:

  • Doors open at 5:45 PM.  If you have not paid already, have your form of payment ready for Steve and his wife Marie, who is helping him, so that we do not have a traffic backup at the door.  Tickets are $40 each.    Cash, check, or we can work it thru PayPal or Venmo too.    
  • Assure to get your ticket for our door prizes, we have a lot, but you must be present to win.    Only one door prize per person.  
  • Fill out a NAME TAG and PRINT with large BLOCK letters so it can be read from a distance. 
  • Social Time 5:45 PM until 6:15 PM
  • 6:15 PM, Welcome remarks and an abbreviated Post meeting ceremony from the Commander followed by a Prayer by Post Chaplin David Hale.   
  • Dinner buffet line opens at 6:30 PM
  • Dinner Hour 6:30 PM until 7:30 PM,  meal to be followed by coffee/iced tea/water and dessert.    Door prizes will be called throughout the meal.
  • Take a group photo of all in attendance.      
  • Christmas music provided by member Bob Ramsey. Ask for your favorite Christmas song.   Door prizes will be called between songs. 
  • 7:30 PM Recognize special guests.
  • 7:40 PM Introduction of singing artist and member Paul Coons
  • 8:10 PM Karaoke time with Bob, singalong Christmas Carols.
  • On or about 8:30 PM Closing remarks and final door prize drawing.

Our reservation list is below.    We have ordered extra meals for those not listed.   If your name is not listed, come anyway.  We would love to share this event with you tonight.    

firstlastpart #paidformmain coursedesert
MikeAdams2$40Cash1-T, 1-H2-BP
BrandonAdderholt2  1-T, 1-H1-BP, 1-PP
DonBarnes2  2-T2-BP
PeteBlinn2$40Cash1-T, 1-H1-PP, 1-BP
CynthiaBrown2  2-H1-PP, 1-BP
JimCarroll2  1-T, 1-H2-BP
JerryChatfield2$40Ck# 159132-T1-PP, 1-BP
JoeChilandro2  2-T2-BP
PaulCoons2  2-T2-PP
PatCostanzo2$40Ck# 5082-T1-PP, 1-BP
MikeFaoro2  1-T, 1-H1-PP, 1-BP
PhilFriedli2$40Cash1-T, 1-H2-PP
DavidHale2  1-T, 1-H2-BP
BillHouston2  1-T, 1-H1.BP, 1 PC
SteveIles2$40Cash1-T, 1-H1-PP, 1-BP
BillInman2$40Ck# 66431-T, 1-H1-PP, 1-BP
BryanKane1  1-T1-BP
KathyLeedy3  3-T2-PP, 1-BP
JeffMattingly2  1-T, 1-H1-PP, 1-BP
MikeMoss2  1-T, 1-H1-PP, 1- BP
BrunoPadovani2  1-T, 1-H2-BP
CarlPuels2  1-T, 1-Veggie1-PP, 1-BP
HenryQueener2  2-T2-PP
BobRamsey2  2-T2-BP
CurtRoof2$40Cash1-T, 1-H1-PP, 1-BP
ZabrinaSeay1  1-T1-BP
DelmarSmith1  1-T1-BP
WayneSmith2  1-T, 1-H1-PP, 1-BP
RolusSmith2  1-T, 1-H1-PP, 1-BP
ChazSpampinato2  2-H1-PP, 1-BP
RobertSteuck2  2-H1-PP, 1-BP
ElliottTadych2$40Venmo1-T, 1-H1-PP, 1-BP
TerryWard2$40Cash1-H, 1-Veggie2-PP
PattiWhitmore2$40Venmo1-T, 1-H1-PP, 1-BP
MaxWix2$40Cash1-T, 1-H1-PP, 1-BP
SteveWren2$40Cash1-T, 1-H1-PP, 1-BP
Merry Christmas to all !