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Tonight’s Post Meeting, 9 July, 6:00 PM, Agenda

Agenda for Post 281 monthly meeting,  9 July 24 @ SAC @ 6:00                                                                                       

6:00 PM pizza and soft drinks and socializing with members.  

On or about 6:30 Begin opening protocol for the meeting. 

QOV presentation for Delmar and Wayne Smith,  USN,   

Speaker for our July meeting is Phil Goldstine , Army 11B type, 100% disabled, Dog Handler for the military and a Dog Trainer now.  

Adoption of minutes as posted on the website and sent to each email address, 28 June

Officer’s reports, 1st Vice, 2nd Vice, ADJ, FO, SO, Chap, SGT @ Arms

Committee Reports    …   C&BL,  HAF


Unfinished Business  ?

CDR updates :  New Business Short Range Plans  

a.13 Aug meeting,  Abigail Whicker will give her Oration to the post.   Phil Ponder to present his “I am the American Flag” presentation.    

b.  State/Wilson County Fair, 15-24 Aug,   We will have booth space to share with other Post 15, and the VFW.     See signup sheet being for June and Aug sheet.                  

c.  Sept meeting, Boys State attendees as guest to chat with post. 

14 Sep ceremony in honor of Tyler Cates in Sep, or post picnic and then a special time of reflection about Tyler during the picnic?     Picnic…, Pavilion #5 is reserved from 8 AM until 4 PM.      

d.  Halloween in the Park in OCT,  solicit candy in Sept, to include bringing it to the picnic.

                e.    Americanism,   shooting coach, speakers in schools,

                f.    District/Division/Depart News and outcome of Mid Summer’s Conference. 

 Anything else for the good of the legion ?

Closing Protocol