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Update on MyLegion.Org online membership payment


Fellow Post 281 of Mt. Juliet Members,

The transition to the newer American Legion Website ( ) was supposed to occur at the beginning of our new 2021 calendar year.  We are still experiencing several issues with its “roll out” to where it is functioning correctly, but some of the basic tools and options are there.

YOU CAN PAY YOUR DUES FOR THE NEW 2021/2022 MEMBERSHIP YEAR ON THE MY LEGION WEB SITE.  If you will follow all their prompts and give them your credit card information , the membership payment works.  UNFORTUNATELY, if you choose that option, I do NOT get notified when you make your payment, as in the past.  Currently I must pull up a working information file (data base) and then I can see  an effective year with your file.  After your online payment, the record will reflect paid for 2022.  If you pay online, PLEASE send me a quick email and let me know by sending me a quick message at the “contact us” link on this site or by sending me an email to  I will then mail your 2022 membership card to you and update my “hard copy” record too.   

I have all membership cards for American Legion Post 281 at my home.   I will mail yours to you within a few days of your online payment.

As in the past, I would prefer that you mail your $45.00 check to our mailbox (Address:  AL Post 281, PO Box 67, Mt. Juliet, TN, 37122) or that you bring a check or cash to our next post meeting on Aug 10th.  On the other hand, if the online payment seems to be your best method of staying current, it works too.     

Best regards to all,


Your Adjutant, Terry Ward  

Tyler Cates - American Legion Post 281