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Member Website Registration

Members Registration is open to all members of Tyler Cates American Legion Post 281. This process will take you around 5-10 minutes not including the timeliness of our administration confirming your membership. Please follow the steps below……. If you have any problems stepping thru this process please contact us through our contact form.

Step 1 – Select Member Registration at bottom of any page

Step 2 – Enter your registration information – Username or your choice, First/Last Names, Email, etc.

Step 3 – Press Submit

Step 4 – A confirmation message will be sent to the email address you provided

Tyler Cates American Legion Post 281 New Member Registering Confirmation.

Tyler Cates American Legion Post 281
to YOU

You’ve request to register for an account on has been received.

Username:Test Tube – for example
First Name:Jeff
Last Name:Mattingly
Email:Whatever Email address you provided
Website (not required):

Our Web Meister will review and approve your request shortly.


Commander Terry Ward

Step 5 – Once approved you will receive the following message:

[Tyler Cates American Legion Post 281] Login Details

WordPress <>
to YOU

Username: Test Tube – for example

To set your password, visit the following address: action=rp&key=vH3B762kWo1YWbvioIqH&login=Test%20Tube

Step 6 – Click on the links, the top one 1st, and set your password

Please try to remember your password of course. Now you should be able to log in to see in depth minutes and hopefully we’ll be adding additional widgets for you to interact with.

Most importantly you will now receive email Announcements, Newsletters and Minute Notifications.

Welcome Aboard!