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Month: March 2020

April 2020 Newsletter

Well we certainly have had our world turned on its ear in the last few weeks. I sincerely hope this note finds you and your families well. Please continue to follow the guidelines and keep yourselves and others safe and healthy.

Thanks to Hillis Banks for reaching out to our membership for a Buddy Check.

If you have a minute, reach out to your Legion comrades, friends and neighbors and just have a short chat or electronic communication. They will appreciate the gesture…

Brenda J Thompson, Commander

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March 2020 Minutes


COMPILED BY:  Adjutant Terry Ward
DATE:     Mar 10  2020 


  • TOTAL: 24

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All members of Post 281, update as of March 18th, 2020

With the current advisories about the COVID-19/Coronavirus, all scheduled activities related to Post 281 are postponed until the end of March.     

National Emergency Fund (NEF) information:   For members who have suffered a loss due to the recent tornados in our area, the National Emergency Fund from the American Legion is available to help in your recovery costs.  An application must be completed within 90 days of the event (March 2nd).  Any active Legion member can apply, not just members from Post 281. Contact us through the “contact” link provided on this web-site if you need more information, and you can open the application through the link provided below.    


We will advise members of updates as more information is available.   Be smart, be safe, and be positive. 

Papersafe information storage

Members of Post 281 

Commander Thompson discussed a web tool document to help veterans store important information for their families and loved ones at our meeting on Tuesday, the 10th of March.  This document was designed with Veterans in mind but is a great tool for anyone. It is intended for you to easily contain all of the information that your family will need in a stressful time. Even if you already have a Will or Trust, the Paper Safe can allow you to put all of that information, along with all of the other details that someone would need, in one simple to find a place. From the link below, you can read it over and get ideas, or you can print it right from your computer for your immediate use.

We’ve placed the link on our website for members to use in the future.


March 2020 Newsletter

Shifted Perspectives

Shortly after midnight on March 2nd, our communities, our city, and our state had to face the anger and despair of one of the worst forces of weather. In the course of less than 45 minutes a tornado blasted a hole into our world, the likes of which some will never fully recover from. All of us have been impacted, some of us in the loss of property and security and order in our lives, while others are dealing with the loss of loved ones and friends and neighbors…

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